Using Roll Charts to keep time

Before the event, the club will provide a list of mileages for resets, speed average changes, free times, and known control checkpoint locations on a confirmation sheet.
You can use this information to calculate in advance where an even minute falls on an even tenth of a mile.
Roll charts are a list of all these POSSIBLE checkpoints in an enduro, printed in order on a scroll of paper.
Print your roll chart, then wind it onto the lower reel of the rollchart holder, taping the top to the takeup reel.

To check to see if you are on time

Match the mileage on your odometer with the mileage on your roll chart
The minute listed on the rollchart should match the minute on your clock

Slow down if the clock is lower (You are early)
Speed up if the clock is higher (You are late).
In the example below, you should be on minute 26

A really bright guy named Scott McLelland from AMA District 36 wrote this FREE (No ads) program for you.
It does all the math and formatting. You just enter the reset and speed average mileages and print a roll chart.

Roll Chart Generating Software (Windows only) really easy to use and takes all the work out of this timekeeping thing
Download the latest version of Roll Chart <--- Here RollChart 3.1
Release 3.1 for Windows has many new features you will find helpful, including a route sheet and updated for multiple column printing.
(This is an executeable file .exe)