Green Marble Enduro Riders

Our Events

We host a 2 day
ECEA Hare Scramble ECEA and District 6
at Rocket Raceway, PA

And our love is the
Three Springs Enduro in beautiful
Three Springs, PA.

Club Information

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New Club Members

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Welcome Aboard!

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Interested in becoming a Green Marble Enduro Rider?
If you rode enduro in a past life, were a former class champion in youth hare scrambles, or just knew someone with a dirt bike once...
If you ride ECEA enduros and want to join a club, or if you know a GMER guy and want to be in the same club as your buddy...
If you like wrenching on bikes in the woods, long walks on the beach, and bloody mary Sunday mornings, we have the club for you.

We have alot of fun in Green Marble and there is always something going on.

We have two types of membership: Support (just come party and help out with our events) and Competition (racing for ECEA points)

To be on the Support/general membership roster
1. Complete the sign up form and sign up with your contact information
2. Join the GMER Forumsto get club emails

To be on the GMER member Competition roster:
1. Maintain membership in good standing in one of the member clubs
2. Work the GMER enduro and the GMER hare scramble event (annually)
3. Complete the Sign up form to make sure you are on the GMER roster
4. Join the GMER Forums to get club emails.
(use your name with no spaces for a login ID)

As a member of one of the member clubs (GVMCR WATR RT BCTR MCR), GMER membership is automatically approved.
Explore the GMER Forums, where we keep the work sign up list, the club roster, checkpoint instructions, discussion forums, and the calendar of scheduled rides

Existing club members
To send an email blast to the club ------> email BLAST members!
We always can use the help, and we are happy to have you and your friends along for our club activities. WATR, Gunpowder, MCR, R&T, and even Southern Maryland will invite the GMER members to private club rides.
GMER club rides and Joes work days are usually blasted out in group emails and posted to the GMER forums.
Come ride with Joe and I this weekend at Tower City, for example (we do that alot).
Watch the banner on the front page of for the next big thing.